·        Pick guests up at Tourist Boat Station (My Tho).
·        Cruising on Tien (Mekong) river and seeing four islands: Dragon, Unicorn, Tortoise, Phoenix. Enjoy fresh coconut juice.
·        To visit fish floating market and Fish-craft village along Tien River.
·        Stop at Thoi Son island, go walking around countryside road, seeing orchards, enjoy tropical fruits and listen to traditional music.
·        Take a rowing boat on small canal with beautiful scenery of coutryside, to visit honey-bee farm and enjoy honey-tea.
·        Stop at Phoenix island to visit Coconut Monk Temple and Crocodile-farm.
To boat up Tien River to Tan Thach canal (Ben Tre) visit coconut candy workshop and handicraft workshop. Come back to My Tho . finish tour.

Price indudes:

  • Big boat, rowing boat, fresh coconut juice, tropical fruits, honey-tea, entrance fees, traditional music, visit ticket, insurance, tax, guider.


ITINERARY 7:   HOMESTAY AND FIRE FLY    (2 day, 1 night)
1 DAY:
  • Pick guests up at Tourist Boat Station (My Tho ) 
  • After visiting Thoi Son island walking around countryside, visitfruits garden. Enjoy tropical fruits and listion to traditional music.
  • Take a Rowing boat on small canal with water coconut lines and learning about local people ‘ s life
  • Take a big boat come to homestay at local people’s garden of Tan Thach Village (Ben Tre)
  • At 12:00pm have lunch at local people’s garden, rest on hammock in fruit garden.
  • Ride a bicycle along coutryside, seeing rice fields, husk mill and learning about local people’s life.
  • At 5:30pm, seeing the sunset on the river have dinner at private house.
  • 7:00pm take a big Boat see and catch fire fly along Tien River.
  • Back to homestay and you have free time.
2 DAY:
  • Have breakfast.
  • Come back My Tho.
  • Depart to Dong Tam Snake Farm, fruits My Tho Market, Vinh Trang Pagoda. Finish tour.
  • To give a guest a send off at My Tho.

Price includes:
  • Big boat, rowing boat, fresh coconut juice, tropical fruils, honey tea, traditional music, visit ticket,  insurance, tax, guider.
  • Homestay + Bicycle + Lunch + Dinner + Breakfast
Mythotourist - Asia Lotus Travel 
Mobil: 0918.131.795 - Mr Phong

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